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Fiberglass Fabrics for Industry

Welcome to Carolina Technical Fabrics

Today CTF materials are the reinforcing base for a range of applications in coated fabrics, composites, electrical insulation, insulation facings and other thermal management and fire protection applications

Carolina Technical Fabrics recognizes the need for high quality, cost effective fiberglass fabrics once reserved only for the large printed circuit producers. Using only high quality input fiber, we produce a broad range of fabric styles in one of the newest, most modern, fully integrated weaving facilities in the heart of the American textile industry located in Ridgeway, SC. Built to meet the demanding needs of the Electronic Industry, quality, consistency and economics have been engineered into a flexible, highly automated facility with state of the art yarn processing, weaving and finishing.

Carolina Technical Fabrics is a fully integrated, modern textile plant including yarn preparation, weaving and finishing, allowing us to control both cost and quality, with the flexibility to customize the products to specific customer requirements. 

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