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Fiberglass Fabrics for Industry

About Carolina Technical Fabrics

CTF™ brand technical fabrics are commonly used as the critical base material in several performance-demanding applications ranging from insulation facing, and various polymer coated fabric, to fabric reinforced polymer composites and electrical insulation. Matching our specific style of fabric and treatment to your requirements, providing the technical support to help you select the optimal solution is what differentiates Carolina Technical Fabrics from other textiles companies, while producing these products domestically in a USA plant. Consistent fabric input is what assures you that the fabrics you receive will perform the same in both your operations and end-user applications. So if you application ranges from printed circuit boards to composite boats, from insulation facing to thermal insulation or from silicone coating to PTFE, CTF can provide the solution you need.

Value Proposition:

At Carolina Technical Fabrics we believe that the investment you make in materials is not only a major part of your cost structure, but is a critical element in your entire business model. That’s why we believe customers are not just customers, but business partners, and we have an obligation to provide the highest level of value to our customers. From technical support to product availability; from quality to consistency; from cost competitiveness to application performance you can count on Carolina Technical Fabrics and the CTF™ Brand.

Our History:

CTF Ridgeway was first constructed as a green field site in 1996, built by Gividi, S.A, an Italian company known for its quality and innovation, to product electronic grade fabrics for the printed board market. While other textiles facilities were shutting down, GIVIDI, had constructed the newest, most modern fiberglass weaving plant in the USA. CTF Ridgeway was then acquired by the French glass company, Saint-Gobain Corporation in 2003 as part of their Technical Fabrics Division (SGTF). The plant received significant additional capital investments in order to produce a broader range of styles for the composite, marine, and coated fabrics industries. In 2005, SGTF transferred the production of Bay Mills Composite Fabrics products from Midland, Ontario, Canada to CTF Ridgeway. Ownership of the Ridgeway facility was briefly transferred to Owens Corning Fiberglass, USA, as part of a large transfer of assets from Saint Gobain Vetrotex, which became OCV Global Composite Solutions. Finally in 2009, CTF Ridgeway was acquired by Lewco Specialty Products of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and re-commissioned. With the restored entrepreneurial vision of innovation, quality and cost effectiveness, Carolina Technical Fabrics, LLC is now the choice supplier of fabrics for industrial laminters, composites and coated fabrics, All Made in America.

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