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Fiberglass Fabrics for Industry

Heat Cleaning & Finishing

Finishing and Treating

  • remove organics, fly and broken filamints
  • improve mechanical bonding, chemical coupling and wet-out
  • set weave, improves abrasion resistance and application functionality

“Customization of finishes is part of our service.”

No Description Note and Uses
000 Greige or Loom State Retains Yarn size anad weave slach PVA and Starches, white/off-white color
010 Heat Treated or Carmelizd Reduces Organic to .1%, helps as weave set, reduces fly and broken filaments, off-white to brown color
011 Oven Heat Cleaned Removes all organics, returned to white color
012 Washed Fabrics To removes fly and weave contamination without affecting strength properties
130 Silane monomer Fabrics Retains high wet strength, fast wet-out and improved transparency
132 Modified 130 Silane A softer finished aliows great comfortability to complex shapes
140 Functional Silane Yields high flextural strength and retains physical properties in hot
water emersion
142 Modified 140 Silane Optimized for use with low viscosity resins systems
145 Multi- Functional Silane Universally effective for (hernial setting resins
147 Modified 145 Silane For softer hand than with 145

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