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Fiberglass Fabrics for Industry

Properties of Weave Patterns

There are six basic design variables to be considered:

Glass fabrics are available in thicknesses ranging from .0010″ to .050″ (0.0254-1.27mm).

Weight range extends from less than one ounce per square yard to over 54 ounces per square yard (19-1856 g/m2).

This is the number of warp yarns (in the machine direction) and filling yarns (cross-machine direction) per inch of the fabric.

Yarn Size:
A wide variety of yarn sizes are available which determine the weight and thickness of the fabric. For specific purposes, one yarn may be selected over another to give certain performance characteristics to the fabric.

Most industrial applications require glass fabric to be used in conjunction with another material. For compatibility with the other materials, a finish or after treatment is frequently applied to the fabric. Descriptions of the various finishes appear in each of the corresponding product sections.

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