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Fiberglass Fabrics for Industry

Markets Served

CTF™ Fabrics are proven to offer the performance, quality, consistency and economical value in a wide range of high performance applications.


Yachts, kayaks, canoes, water crafts, repair kits, hockey sticks, skis, snow boards, surf boards, paddles, etc.

Aerospace & Transporation

Aircrafts parts,storage bins, interior panels, heat shields, motorcycles, racing vehicles, truck panels, & heavy equipment parts


Pipelines, wind energy, structure reinforcment

Industrial Composites

Corrosion resistant pipe, ducts and machine parts

Insulation Systems

Accoustical panels, insulation facing, lagging cloth, thermal protection

Electrical & Electronics

Printed circuit boards, computer hosing, electrical boxes, electrical insulation

Coating & Laminating

Foil faced, silicone, PTFE, PVA

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