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Fiberglass Fabrics for Industry

Aerospace & Transporation

Aircrafts parts,storage bins, interior panels,
heat shields, motorcycles, racing vehicles, truck panels, & heavy equipment parts

Major structural components of the transportation sector require support and woven glass fabrics are there to supply thet support cost effectively. Many of these components are not just structural but also decorative in nature. CTF glass fabrics supply both needs white keeping cost to a minimum. Any location where a combination of non-combustibility, high, strength, and lack of organic growth are needed. structural woven glass fabric are used.


Floors in commercial aircraft, walls, bulkheads, wing and tail components and overhead storage containers, interior panels and cargo containers, all use woven fiberglass fabrics. Woven fiber glass is used in automotive components such as brake pad and shoes and parts right down to the computer boards that operate the engine and accessories.

Standard Properties

Width: From 50″ to 62″
Roll Lengths: 125 yards and up
Finishes: Epoxy, Polyester, Phenolic compatible finishes are available

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