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Fiberglass Fabrics for Industry

Coating & Laminating

Foil faced, silicone, PTFE, PVA

The greatest use of glass fabrics is for structural reinforcement; this is nowhere greater than in coating and composites markets. Fiberglass fabrics are both strong and non-flammable. providing the coated product or composites with strength and inertness. Coatings can include all types of resins, from FIFE to vinyl and silicone to acrylics. Coated fabrics can be used directly in applications like movie screens, awnings, covers, tape ,wall coverings, and welders blankets. In composites the woven fabric may be coated and laminated to provide additional properties such as thermal and acoustic insulation and structural wall panels.

Due to the versatile nature of woven glass fabrics they are used in the coated state to manufacture composites used in extreme temperatures, both hot and cryogenic. Applications of these composites range from digital and radio frequency circuit boards powering our information and communication devices like computers and cell phones, and also to their power sources such as repeater towers, base stations and actual power plants. Coated fiberglass is used for thermal insulation covering the hot liquids generated in steam power generation from coal and natural gas plants as well as for filtration of hot gasses from these plants to keep our environment clean. Coated woven fiberglass fabrics are used in
insulation very cold liquids such as liquid air and nitrogen in distribution systems within hospitals, food preparation and freezing facilities.

In the coated form glass fabric composites are used as insulators for high voltage lines, carry and hold power cables as well as in support membranes for building structures. When coated with PTFE glass fabric can serve as insulators and cooking surfaces for food, sealing equipment for vacuum metalized bags and plastic containers. In the composite form glass fabrics protect us, like truck side walls for transportation, cargo containers for airplanes, ballistic protection for vehicles and stationary installations, Anywhere there is a need to support a polymer adding strength and inertness woven glass fabrics are there.

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