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Fiberglass Fabrics for Industry



Pipelines, wind energy, structure reinforcment

Cloth for Infrastructure applications

As our world develops new and more stringent needs for structural support, the use of fiberglass has increased. No areas is this more evident than our infrastructure. With the advent of green energy needs the very structures that generate power are in need of support, wind turbine blades and towers, pipeline supports and pads, air conditioning and heating support pad and containers, all these are new applications for woven glass fabrics. Woven glass reinforcement is used to concrete block walls for stability as well as decoration, a dual use and a return to the origins of woven fiberglass fabric.

Woven fiberglass fabrics surround us in theaters as big screens and fireproof fabric wall decorations.


Wind turbine blades, cover for tidal power generation, door coverings for tornado shelters and covering for wall that can be painted. Floating dock pads, solid roof and covers also are uses of woven glass fabric.

Standard Properties:

Width: From 28″ to 62″
Roll Lengths: 125 yards and up
Finishes: Epoxy, Polyester, Phenolic compatible finishes are available

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