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Fiberglass Fabrics for Industry

Insulation Systems

Insulation Systems

Accoustical panels, insulation facing,
lagging cloth, thermal protection

Cloth for insulation system applications

Acoustical panels, insulation facing, lagging cloth, and thermal protection are just a few of the insulation applications for woven fiberglass fabric. Removable thermal and acoustical insulation is a prime use of woven fiberglass in our industrial societies. Anywhere the operation temperature must be maintained differently from the surrounding area, insulation is needed.

In hot and cold applications coated woven fiberglass fabric provides both insulation and the ability to be sown into removable shapes, saving repair and installation costs. In automobiles and other sound generating locations fiberglass can be used to absorb of dampen sound waves under a variety of temperatures and environments.


Applications include theaters, combustion engine, boilers, refrigeration system, piping and ducting, sound rooms, silencers and mufflers.

Standard Properties:

Width: From 28″ to 62″
Roll Lenghts: 125 Yards and up
Finishes: Greige or loom state fabric is primarily used, heat cleaned and silane finished material is available

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